Has it really been a week already? 7 days, and I’ve already been close to giving up this blog thing twice. Today’s prompt is: 7. What does your blogging schedule look like? One second… *super loud laughing in the other room*

WHEW! I needed that. Before this challenge of writing a blog post a day for a month, you were lucky to catch a post once a month. I know I set a goal of one blog post a week almost a year ago, but that went down the tubes pretty quickly. I’m relatively new to this ‘keep to a schedule’ thing.

So, what would I like my blog schedule to look like? I’m glad you asked.
In a perfect world (stop laughing), I’d really enjoy the once a week blog schedule. I feel that’s plenty of time to think of something to write about before having to actually write something. That, and it’s easy to set your posting schedule to something else… i.e. *hears the garbage truck slam another green can home* oh, look, time to write a blog post.

Not only does the once a week time frame make it easy on the blogger, but it makes it easy on the reader, too. If I ever subscribed to any blogs other than my writing group friends’, I’d be super happy to find out they post a new tidbit every Wednesday.

I’ve also heard that some people can actually prepare *finger cramps up typing that word* and write a few blog posts ahead of time (but who would ever want to do that?). I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines… we’re usually punching each other in the face by the last few minutes. As a great example, I’m writing this at 9 (my usual bedtime), and I’ve gotta get up a little after 4 to drive my kiddo to the airport.

In this not-so-perfect world, I find it a challenge to make a blog post often enough to keep the attention of anyone who might be reading. I run out of subject material. I get sidetracked by things that aren’t writing a blog post. I get extremely tired of trying to think of new things to blog about… essentially, it’s just like what happens when I’m writing a book.

Since the year is almost up since I first made the challenge (and failed with flying colors), I think I’m going to repeat the challenge. One blog post a week for a year. That’s only 52 required posts… I mean, there’s 31 that I’m planning on doing in just this month alone. So, to answer the original question, my blogging schedule is about as random as they come. I post when I feel like it (which is rare), and only when I have an idea (even rarer). I hope to fix that, along with the other things I want to do.

I’ve experimented a bit with creating a schedule and using a calendar, and I’m liking what it means for my life. I’m hoping to continue with it, and adding other things that mean a lot to me, such as writing and editing, and even blogging. If you stick with me, I’d love to have you along for the ride. I promise to do my best, and to keep it as entertaining as I can (just ignore today’s post).

Do you blog? If so, why not share your blog with me so I can follow it? If not, don’t you really want to start one now? *heads back to room to laugh again*

See you tomorrow.