We’re into our second week of blog posts. *weak cheer* Today’s prompt is: 8. How do you conserve energy?… and I’m not really sure how to tackle that one.

I prefer to be like that cat over there… a couch potato. I spend a lot of time on the couch, but it’s not just all watching TV (there’s YouTube, too). Ever since getting my job at Michael’s (yes, I’m the ironic guy… a Michael working at Michael’s), I’ve been putting in the miles by walking all over the store. An average, 4-hour shift, will tend to net me about 5-8000 steps. A day where I’m on the floor stocking, it can easily add up to a 10K steps day (that my phone insists is what I should strive for every single day).
I was in the Marine Corps… I know what it’s like to exercise and be healthy. I refuse to do so now, just to prove the point that I’m no longer in the Marines. I shun most forms of exercise like an average 5-year old shuns vegetables. I have gone down a few belt holes since starting the job, though… so, it’s slowly having an effect on me.

For the most part, though, the best way for me to conserve energy is to be as lazy as humanly possible. I’ve discussed the lengths I’ve gone to to be lazy… even going so far as to call it my ‘lazy gland’.

Having a girlfriend with fibromyalgia has brought the idea of human energy to the forefront of my mind, though. There are days where just the process of waking up has expended the energy she was dealt for that day. When together, it affects me, it affects our schedule, and it affects everything that can and can’t be done for the rest of the day. Most of the time, it’s not quite that bad, but having someone in your life that doesn’t have the ability to expend (or spend, however you want to think about it) energy at will, gives you pause.

It also makes me appreciate the energy I do/can expend. I’m not the healthiest individual, but I’m able to work a solid, 4-hour shift, hucking boxes of stuff around a store, hauling my ass back and forth showing people where our magically moving items have teleported to overnight, and standing at a register where the ‘support’ mat is thinner than the origami paper we sell, without passing out at the time clock when all is said and done (like when I first started working there).

I’m lazy, but I’ll put in the effort when it earns me a paycheck. This has seemed the best way I know of to ‘conserve’ energy. What do you do? Are you one of those people that schedules every minute of their day as full as possible, so that you’re literally passing out at bedtime? Do you put my laziness to shame? Let me know in the comments.

And, of course, I’ll see you tomorrow.