mal3d Malaika works at Cruel Beans… where the coffee is heavenly, and the lattes will mocha your day. Mal is joined at work by a case of fibromyalgia and her best friend, Ven. Mal’s cup begins to runneth over as she is now the focus of an angel, a demon, and an evil corporation intent on starting Armageddon early… all while trying to keep her naughty friend and her religious roommate from boiling over. Mal’s life is fraught with danger as she is pulled into a world of good and evil, sweet and bitter, and secrets even she isn’t aware of. Can she survive the end of the world without getting steamed?
unlimited3d Daniel, just your average everyday kid growing up in small town America, is suddenly bestowed with what seems to be the power to do anything he can imagine. While learning about his new-found abilities, tragedy hits and his life is forever changed. As he grows into adulthood, Daniel must decide between unlimited power, or the safety and security of family and friends, all while being hunted down by some shady criminals that would love nothing more than to get revenge.
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walter3d Something strange is happening in a small mining town, and at the center of it all is a cranky old man named Walter… who really needs to write.
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galileo3d Using the latest technology, a team of scientists have launched a telescope into far-flung space to look at Earth as it was 65 million years ago. They aren’t the only ones watching the show…
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limbo3d Peter, a family man in his 40’s, gets the horrible news that he has cancer. His life is thrown into turmoil with the decisions he now has to make. He turns to the written word to help him though his struggles before making a final determination on what to do with his life.
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