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I’m not motivated enough to make a title…

Today’s blogging prompt comes to you from the fine folks that make motivational posters: 11. What motivates you?

First of all, what kind of question is that? Motivates me to do what? Write? Go to a job that doesn’t pay well? Live in what I believe to be one of the prettiest places in America? What, prompt?

Since I have a blog dedicated to writing (it’s in the URL, even), I’ll take the cue and go with what motivates me to write. At first, it was to get an idea that was taking up precious brain space out of there. Ever had a popcorn kernel stuck behind a tooth you just couldn’t reach? It was kinda like that. Annoying… at times painful… just… AAARRgghhh!
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This is a Trigger Warning…

*cracks knuckles* Today’s post is gonna be a tough one for me… not only because of the controversial topic, but because of my life experience that has led me to this topic. Today we’re talking about trigger warnings (and I don’t mean a sign telling you about Roy Rogers’ horse over there).

If not already apparent, a trigger warning is: a statement cautioning that content (as in a text, video, or class) may be disturbing or upsetting. There’s been a vehement argument in American colleges over the last few years regarding the use of them. I read an article the other day (yesterday, actually) that spoke of someone using their ‘sick’ days to take a ‘mental break’ from work… to essentially decompress and allow their brain to settle into being able to work productively again. They expressly used the excuse in an email to their boss, to which they got a response of, ‘good for you’.
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The way the cookie crumbles…

Today is National Sugar Cookie day (and what I’m supposed to be writing about in today’s blog)… but, I’m not going to write about sugar cookies, because they’re not my favorite. What you see over there in the picture is a stack of perfection, also known as a stack of Snickerdoodles (yes, I capitalized it, they mean that much).

Now, from the uninitiated, I’ll get the, “Yeah, but aren’t snickerdoodles just sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon and sugar?” No no no no! While they share the same basic ingredients, snickerdoodles have one ingredient that is a necessity for them to become the mighty snickerdoodle… cream of tartar.
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Newton’s first law…

We’re into our second week of blog posts. *weak cheer* Today’s prompt is: 8. How do you conserve energy?… and I’m not really sure how to tackle that one.

I prefer to be like that cat over there… a couch potato. I spend a lot of time on the couch, but it’s not just all watching TV (there’s YouTube, too). Ever since getting my job at Michael’s (yes, I’m the ironic guy… a Michael working at Michael’s), I’ve been putting in the miles by walking all over the store. An average, 4-hour shift, will tend to net me about 5-8000 steps. A day where I’m on the floor stocking, it can easily add up to a 10K steps day (that my phone insists is what I should strive for every single day).
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About as random as it gets…

Has it really been a week already? 7 days, and I’ve already been close to giving up this blog thing twice. Today’s prompt is: 7. What does your blogging schedule look like? One second… *super loud laughing in the other room*

WHEW! I needed that. Before this challenge of writing a blog post a day for a month, you were lucky to catch a post once a month. I know I set a goal of one blog post a week almost a year ago, but that went down the tubes pretty quickly. I’m relatively new to this ‘keep to a schedule’ thing.

So, what would I like my blog schedule to look like? I’m glad you asked.
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The search…

Once they were able to get the temporal boundary lock working, it was only a matter of time before someone stupid enough to look for it would try. A self-proclaimed ‘Urban Legend’ scientist, Professor Quark spent millions of dollars in the hunt for many of the world’s imaginary creatures.

After a dozen or so failures, he was beginning to scrape the bottom of the proverbial barrel. That’s when the TBL was released. In a fit of passion, he purchased one of the first working prototypes and set off for wetter areas of the country. After a quick search, North Idaho was chosen… only because there were a series of quick, intermittent storms supposed to be rolling through.
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*Loud, thumping music goes here*…

Okay… today’s prompt is: 5. Tell us about your July 4th celebration. Don’t forget the pictures! If I write about my “celebration”, you guys are gonna fall asleep… because that’s what I did. The only thing I think you could call celebratory about my evening was grilling up some steaks. Other than that, I went to bed with the sound of explosions going off all around me. I’m so fun.

So, today it looks like I get to talk off the beaten path. Yesterday, I was talking to one of my friends on Chatzy, and she mentioned that it would be nice if I could blog about music… or more specifically, the music I listen to while writing. That means that today’s blog post is brought to you by EDM!
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An independent cry for attention…

Happy 4th of July… kinda. If you’re an American, this is the day that you’re supposed to celebrate our nation becoming what it is today. Instead, I’m writing a blog post. Day 4’s prompt: Tell us what independence means to you. Well, that’s not a loaded question if there ever was one.

So, as I like to do in these instances, I’ll start off with the dictionary definition and go from there. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, independence is: the quality or state of being independent. Cleared that right up. Let’s look up independent: not dependent. Wow, guys… we are wording today! Breaking out the shovel and digging further, we get to dependent: relying on another for support -or- subject to another’s jurisdiction. There are other definitions, but I think these’ll be good for the original question.

As we learn in U.S. History (at least, we’re supposed to), England first began colonizing the Americas in 1607. We gained our independence in 1775. *brain smokes from math* That’s 168 years. Today, we’re celebrating 242 years of independence. That is one single generation longer as a country, than before. Sitting here thinking that we’ve been the United States of America only 74 years longer than we were colonies under England… is odd.

So, what does independence mean to me?
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A political fervor…

Day 3, and I’m not burned out just yet (I know, it’s early in the daily game). Today’s question is a hot one: 3. Would you ever want to run for political office? Why or why not? *pulls on his asbestos pants* *leans in closer to the microphone on the podium* “No.”

Have I ever given any serious thought to running for political office? That one’s more of a ‘maybe, just a little’ kind of answer. There are many reasons why I would… but they are extremely counterbalanced by the reasons why I never will. Some of those reasons are:

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Friends around the world…

Today’s prompt is: 2. How do you stay in touch with far-away friends? But I’m gonna switch it up a little… (yes, already)

Since I don’t have many (read: any) local friends, I seem to find 99% of them online. More specifically, my social network is very much digital. While I have my facebook account, where the people I’m related to chatter about their lives and whatnot, I don’t follow many people I would term ‘friends’ there (of course, there are always a few exceptions). I also have a twitter account (where some of you may have found the link to this post), but again, not a bucket of people I would ‘fess up to calling friends.
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